YouTuber Dies For Disrespectful Video

The loss of a human life is a sad thing. The loss of a youth, not even 20 years old is again a sad thing. There's not good way to talk about this story other than perhaps use it as a teaching and learning exercise for anyone else out there in the blogsphere.

Juan Luis Lagunas Rosales, a YouTube star known for drunken antics, was recently recorded taking a stab at Nemesio Ocegera Cervantes, also known as “El Mencho.” On Monday while he and his friends partied at a bar, a group of armed individuals burst in and fired at Lagunas.


  • He grew poor and was abandoned by his mother young
  • He dropped out of school
  • He moved to another city to try to make his fame
  • He became famous for his drunken escapades on YouTube
  • In one such video, he says something vulgar about a Mexican drug lord
  • He is murdered later with 15 or 18 bullet holes in his body
  • He was 17 years old.

There are so many failures of society in this story that all we can see is the outcome.  The kid had really had a hard life as a youth.  In his attempt to flee his dead-end life, he ended up on the road to death. He was an alcoholic. According to the newspaper story, he regularly abused alcohol on his YouTube videos in order to garner attention.

  • Failure #1: His childhood was destroyed because he was from a broken home.
  • Failure #2: He was never instilled with a sense of the importance of school and learning.
  • Failure #3: He was never taught about respect and etiquette and appropriate boundaries.
  • Failure #4: YouTube allowed his underage drinking tirades to continue. Once  it was discovered or reported that he was an underage drinker promoting underage drinking  the account should have been suspended.
  • Failure #5: His poor choice of companions only encouraged his bad behaviour.
  • Failure #6: He was obviously an alcoholic addict who was unable or unwilling to seek medical care for this addiction to that destructive substance. Community supports should have been in place once people saw his YouTube videos. ​

Meaningful interventions at any step of the process could have delayed or prevented the chain of event that would eventually lead to his death.  All that is left for us is to learn from his downward spiral of a life and to try to make our own society and culture a better place.

Until next time, continue to learn and grow.

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