Eternity Watch Magazine keeps growing and expanding its scope of fascinating topics

It seems that Eternity Watch Magazine keeps growing and expanding its scope of fascinating topics. The current issue emphasizes Women's Health and includes excellent, thought-provoking articles focused on all ages. My own daughter and I have followed a vegan and raw lifestyle for environmental, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual reasons since 1994, and we have personally experienced remarkable changes in our bodies and minds when we transitioned to a healthy whole fresh plant diet. My daughter had experienced painful cramps and irritability when going off this way of healthy eating in her teen years, and these agonizing PMS (premenstrual syndrome) symptoms disappeared completely when she returned to the natural foods of her upbringing as a young adult. For most of my earlier adult life I dealt with a variety of gynecological issues, being treated with prednisone, the birth control pill and other drugs with no positive results. Interestingly, once I became a raw vegan, all of these problems dramatically disappeared. And later, going through menopause as a raw vegan was asymptomatic and a joy. Thank you to Eternity Watch Magazine for shining a light on this very important topic of Women's Health.

Karen Ranzi Award Winning Author. Rawfood Coach

If I had a daughter, I'd give her this magazine

This issue was totally amazing. It came together far better than I could have ever anticipated. I was delighted reading the stories and how they all flow together. We managed to raise the bar again. Our readers will love this.

Vaughn Berkeley Publisher

As a woman, and a nurse, I think women will love this.

As a woman and a nurse, I really enjoyed putting this issue together. I felt that women needed an advocate for their health and wellbeing. You'll see this issue looks at a women from her teens to menopause, and everything in between. This is a resource copy to save for future generations. Grab your copy of the digital or print issue today.

Jenny Berkeley Publisher

The Women’s Health Issue|Spring 2017
This issue our theme is Women’s Health. Our writers share their insights on the holistic view of the health of a women. This issue looks deep into the issues not superficially. Plus, we have the second of our four part series of Marriage (and Divorce). You’ll love this issue! Pick which option best suits you. Like paperless, then grab the digital issue! Prefer paper, then grab the print issue! Click the button below.

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