A Holistic View of Skin For Readers

I love to educate my readers. This issue came together wonderfully with all the various authors insights on skin health. I think you will love it! Peace, love, and gratitude. ~ J.

Jenny Berkeley RN, CHN, Co-Publisher

This Issue Is A Great Start for 2017!

You'd think skin is more of a female topic given the way the media targets women but we all have skin. We all need to maintain healthy skin. This issue of the magazine is a great start for 2017. Love the skin you're in.

Vaughn Berkeley Co-Publisher

The SKIN Issue
Winter 2017
This issue our theme is SKIN Health. Our writers share their insights on the holistic view of your skin and how you can love the skin you’re in. Plus, we have the first of our four part series of Marriage (and Divorce). Pick which option best suits you. Like paperless, then grab the digital issue! Prefer paper, then grab the print issue! Click the button below.
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