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In this article, Vaughn Berkeley walks us through the journey of spirituality in the power of the tongue. This important part of our oral care is something that we must consider when looking at the whole human being.

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Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.

Proverbs 18:21

The tongue is the second most powerful part of the human body. It has been said the pen is mightier than the sword but I would add that the tongue is mightier than both the pen and the sword. In this article, I'll share with you my thoughts on the spiritual aspect of the tongue and why I believe it is the second most powerful organ of the human body.

...communication via the tongue is the second most powerful skill we develop in this world.

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Why do I believe that the tongue is the second most powerful organ of the body? Well let's take a page from the lesson book of nature and I'll show you. When a child is born, that child has zero communication skills. The most powerful organ of the child is the brain, which begins to absorb and process everything in its environment. While the child's wonderful brain is at work absorbing, analysing and categorizing everything in the environment, the child is also developing a pattern for speech. Before the child has fully learned to walk, the child will have developed some basic skills in the pronunciation of simple words in order to communicate its needs and desires. This example from the lesson book of nature shows us that communication via the tongue is the second most powerful skill we develop in this world.

In history and in Scripture we learn about a time in the world when all of humanity had one language. Everyone spoke in the same tongue and everyone understood each other clearly. It was at this point that humans started building a tower that would reach into the sky. The purpose of this tower, called the Tower of Babel, was to act as a safeguard in case there was to be another flood on the earth. It was mankind's attempt to rely only on themselves in order to save themselves. We learn in the Scripture that God confused all the languages at the Tower of Babel and so human beings could no longer understand each other and work on the tower ceased while simultaneously creating various languages across the earth.

Let's look back again to the baby. The child learns to speak because the use of the tongue is essential to communication with other humans. The skill of reading and writing is taught to the child as the child grows, but the skill of speaking is naturally learned by the child's wonderfully created brain.

If we found a society in a secluded part of the world where they had no means of writing things down, we would see that their history, their stories, and their way of life is transmitted from one generation to the next by the tongue. The tongue enables a manifestation of what is in the heart, which makes it a powerful amplifier.

The tongue enables a manifestation of what is in the heart, which makes it a powerful amplifier.

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Death and life indeed in the power of the tongue. In this day and age, with the information superhighway, it is now possible to spread a piece of gossip worldwide in a matter of minutes. With your tongue it is possible to flatter a person so that they may be more inclined to do what you desire them to do. Many a strong man has been brought to weakness by the flattery and seduction of a woman's tongue and vice versa.

I recently heard on the radio about one woman's guilt-ridden heart. She had said some unkind words to her husband while he was desperately trying to get some compassion and help from her. Soon after she had told him what she did, he ended his life. She was torn up inside because of the guilt and the power of her words over him in his moment of weakness. Death was, at that moment in time, in the power of her tongue.

Why do some people crave basic conversation with other human beings? It is because hearing another person's voice communicating with you satisfies one of your basic heart needs. I've heard it been said that solitary confinement is a terrible form of punishment that prisoners experience in jail. Why do we have telephone lines where people can call to request prayer, or talk to someone about the need for mental help, or even adult phone lines? It is because there is a deep need within the individual which can only be satisfied with the voice (tongue) of another individual.

A kind word in due season spoken with a sincere tongue is like a healing balm for one's soul. How many times in your life have you had someone say something positive to you that meant the world to you at that moment in your life? How many times in your lifetime have you heard the words "I love you" from a father or mother or grandparent? How many times have you said the words "I love you" to another individual?

One of our writers from the previous issue, Kyna Bryn, made a video about a special moment she shared with her grandmother. She and her grandmother did not have a good relationship in the past. Kyna was visiting her grandmother and showed her grandmother her story featured in a magazine, EternityWatch Magazine. And her grandmother told her, "I'm proud of you." Kyna was in tears because it was the first time her grandmother ever uttered those words to her in her life. Her grandmother's use of her tongue to utter those words broke through so many barriers of pain and heartache. Less than a month later, her grandmother passed away. There was reconciliation over the sincere use of the tongue to utter words from one heart to another heart. All of us at EternityWatch were honoured to be part of this special moment in Kyna's life. The magazine was a catalyst for that moment. That's why we say we put love in every issue of EternityWatch, because we know that lives are being impacted with special moments like these.

How can you and I put the power of life in our own tongue rather than use the power of death? First, ensure that the words you speak are words of truth. Words of truth spoken in love have the power to set a person free. They have the power to set you free when you speak words of truth to yourself daily. Secondly, do not join in the conversation with mockers and scorners. Refrain your tongue from being part of that exercise. Speak no malice or guile toward another but rather temper your words with love and compassion. Stand up for what is right and speak up against oppression of the poor, of the widow, of the orphan. Use the power of your tongue as a mighty weapon in defence of the defenceless and in so doing you will have the power of life in your tongue.

Out of the abundance of your heart, your mouth speaks. Let your heart be filled with truth, love, hope, faith, compassion, mercy, and joy. Nurture these traits in yourself as your grow spiritually. Use the power of your tongue to speak words of truth, words of love, words of hope, words of faith, words of compassion, words of mercy, and words of joy into the lives of those around you.

...speak words of truth, love, hope, faith, compassion, mercy, and joy into the lives of those around you

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Use the words, "I love you," and "I forgive you" as often as you can when it will mean a world of healing and compassion to another human being. Everyone in life is given a tongue and therefore the power of life and death. Choose wisely. Choose life. Until next time, continue to learn and grow. ~ V.

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