This page is our Index of fun and zany quizzes we've cooked up to entertain our readers (and their inner children or real ones). Some are wacky, some are really hard, and some are frustrating. But it's all in the spirit of good old fashion fun.

Disclaimer: These quizzes are for fun and entertainment. Results should be taken with a pinch of salt. None of the results should replace the advice of a qualified person. If you have a poor sense of humour, are easily offended, or generally don't like any point of view different from your own, then these quizzes may not be for you. Otherwise have some good clean fun.

The Great Rooster Quiz. To celebrate the Chinese Year of the Rooster.

February is the month of love, correct? Are you crushing on someone? Why not take the quiz to see how they see you.

This quiz is linked to an article that we ran on junkfood targeted to children. Test your knowledge.

This quiz is linked to an article that we ran on virtual reality dating. Test your true feelings.