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Dear Readers,

Thank you for visiting the EternityWatch Magazine website for the 2017 year. We're in Volume 8. It's heard to believe that it's been 8 years already that we've been promote the living food lifestyle in Toronto and the GreaterToronto Area and internationally.

This year we want to share 3 key beliefs with you that can help you to keep your 2017 focused on the things which are really important to you, your loved ones, and your local community.  But we before we get to that, I want to encourage you to share the magazine link with friends, family, co-workers, and everyone you can (without spamming, of course).

We produce this amazing content to help transform minds and hearts and you are our partners to help take the message into the larger world. We love your support.  Enjoy these 3 key beliefs below. Peace, love, and gratitude.



Faith is that belief that allows you to see far into the future beyond the current reality. It's not daydreaming but some can compare it to that. It is a state of mind that is powerful beyond the human capacity to measure it. The closest thing to observing it is what scientists call the placebo effect. If you create and nurture that faith in yourself, then almost nothing will be impossible to you.



Relationships are the things that can help get you through the toughest of times. With all the political instability around the globe, it is important to remember to be friendly to the people right in your own backyard. Take a page from the book of any healthy emotionally developed three year old. They make friends with ease and that brings a renewed sense of fulfilment and joy.



Continuous improvement is what brings us out of the mundane and closer to the divine. From conception to birth, we undergo the biggest improvement of our entire lives. And all of that took place without our influence. As adults, our duty is the improve our minds, bodies, and souls. We do this through reading, learning, and doing. This core belief will transform this year from a mediocre one into a phenomenal one.

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Dear Jenny, I'm not an avid reader of papers and magazines but I love to read EternityWatch Magazine, usually cover to cover. Your articles are most interesting, informative, and a wonderful collection of great subjects worthwhile to read and to share with family and friends. For this reason I'm so happy that you keep me supplied with many copies I'm happily distributing from my table at the Village Market on Saturdays.

Village Market Vendor

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Jenny Berkeley, RN, Health Educator (91 Posts)

Jenny Berkeley is a nurse of over 25 years, a certified holistic nutritionist, a health educator, a bestselling author of 5 books in the Holistic Health Nurse Series, and a raw food chef. Her career has seen her work both locally in Canada and Internationally. Her knowledge of allopathic medicine and alternative enables her to understand holistically how the body works and heals. She’s been on TV, Radio, and even met the prime minister of Trinidad and Tobago. She educates her clients in the knowledge of their own body and their role in keeping themselves well. Her belief, “Good health is your birthright. Keeping it is your choice.”