Is The Egg Industry Feeling The Yoke

Could the egg industry be feeling the yoke of the burden of the cruelty of its products? One egg manufacturing company recently reported $74 million in losses due to people switching to vegan alternatives.

$74 Million Decline

According to sources, the CEO of the company, Cal-Maine Foods, stated that vegan alternatives to eggs were responsible for the company's first big los of profits in over a decade. In the company's earnings report for 2017, the company reported a loss of $74.3 million with a $24.5 million plummet in profits in the 4th quarter alone.

As a nurse of over 26 years, a bestselling author of 5 books, a certified holistic nutritionist, and a rawfood chef, I firmly believe in the health benefits of a properly structured plant-based diet. All my recipes, whether vegan or raw-vegan, do not need eggs. I publish recipes on my blog, and they are all vegan. Even traditional recipes that require eggs can be made using a plant based substitute these days.

Jenny BerkeleyRN, Certified Holistic Nutritionist,
Bestselling Author of 5 Books

Good health is your birthright. Keeping it is your choice!

Health Reasons To Give Up Eggs

Eating eggs is not a wise choice for your body, mind, or spirit. Eggs have been linked to numerous risks relating to poor health. According to the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine:

  • Eggs can increase diabetes risk by 68%
  • Eggs can increase heart disease risk by 19%
  • Eggs can increase lethal prostate cancer risk by 81%
  • Eggs can increase heart disease risk in people with diabetes by 83%
  • More than 140,000 illnesses each year are caused by eating eggs containing salmonella
  • Eggs can increase gestational diabetes risk by 165%

And as we learn more and more about the negative consequences to our physical bodies of eating eggs, we should choose to eat healthier plant-based alternatives.

The Moral Choice

There is a mental and spiritual reason to give up the eggs. Knowing that eggs are held in inhumane conditions in battery cages to lay eggs, knowing that male baby chicks are ground up ALIVE because there is no real use for them in the industry, we should feel morally compelled to not be involved in such an industry. Mentally, we all want to be good folks and the best of who we are meant to be. Yet, we cannot be that while simultaneously participating in the industry that disregards the freedoms and lives of chickens. As for the spiritual side, if you believe in a God who created heaven and earth and all living beings, you cannot believe that he is pleased to see humans treating the animals he created with so little regard.

I suspect there will be more and more decline in egg sales as organizations like Mercy for Animals expose the cruel treatment of chickens via their undercover videos. The more people become aware of the horrendous animal cruelty birds undergo, the less inclined they will be to participate in it with their spending money.

Peace, love, and gratitude. ~ J.

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Jenny Berkeley, RN, Health Educator (91 Posts)

Jenny Berkeley is a nurse of over 25 years, a certified holistic nutritionist, a health educator, a bestselling author of 5 books in the Holistic Health Nurse Series, and a raw food chef. Her career has seen her work both locally in Canada and Internationally. Her knowledge of allopathic medicine and alternative enables her to understand holistically how the body works and heals. She’s been on TV, Radio, and even met the prime minister of Trinidad and Tobago. She educates her clients in the knowledge of their own body and their role in keeping themselves well. Her belief, “Good health is your birthright. Keeping it is your choice.”