Hospitals Use New Germ Killing Tool

What do you think of when you think of a hospital? For the ordinary person, it is a place that people to in order to get treatment for a sickness or disease and to get well.  Yet, hospitals are a place of tremendous danger for those with a weakened immune system. Unfortunately, that is also the big problem. Hospitals can become a collection of multiple germs from all the sick patients who pass through those doors.

When you visit the hospital, you’re there to get healthy – not to catch something that makes you sicker. But more than 220,000 people get hospital-acquired infections every year in Canada because of being in close proximity to others who are ill. ~ Hospital News

According to the article, more than 220,000 Canadian patients who go into the hospital acquire a new infection every year. These new infections are acquired because of being in close proximity to others who are ill. Because a person who is coming into the hospital could already have a compromised immune system, they are more likely to catch a new infection from someone else and vice-versa.

Hospitals do their best with their cleaning protocols. Recently, St' Joseph's Heath Centre in Toronto began using a new technology to fight against the spread of germs and infections. It's called Tru-D SmartUVC (or Trudi). It looks like a Dalek from Dr Who but it uses high doses of UVC light which is known to kill bacteria including norovirus, C. diff, MRSA, influenza, and other germs.

When UVC light hits the bacteria, it deactivates it so that it is unable to reproduce or cause infection. The light shines in every direction making sure that places where germs might normally hide get a good dose of UVC light.

UVC light as a disinfectant is not a new concept. In fact, it has been used in certain water treatment devices to kill the germs in the water.  

As a nurse, I'm very much aware of infectious diseases and the risks of catching a disease when one's immune system is weakened. For me personally, I never bring my hospital shoes into my house because just walking in the hospital, you are stepping in germs from people coughing, or throwing up, or blood, or other bodily fluids. And even though the support staff cleans and mops it up very carefully, I'm always concerned about the microscopic germs that manage to remain behind on the floor.

So a UV light machine to disinfect the rooms is a nice idea.  Perhaps if the cost if not prohibitive, we'll see those devices at more hospitals.

Peace, love, and gratitude. ~ J.


Jenny Berkeley, RN, Health Educator (93 Posts)

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