Magazines (7)

I don’t see a subscribe button to get my magazine, how do I subscribe?

To purchase an individual digital issue of the magazine go to the magazine store page. This is available on the top menu. Once there, you can click on the order button where available. Older magazines are no longer in circulation.

I tried to find the magazine at my local health food store but could not, why?

This may be caused by one of the following:

  • All the copies of the magazine were already taken up by other customers of your health food store.
  • We did not put any copies in that store (either the owner refused us or we ran out of copies or it is not one on our list).
  • The store owner was too busy to get back to us so we took them off the list.

You can always get a digital version >> http://www.eternitywatchmagazine.com/magazine-store/

How much does the magazine cost?

The magazine cost is displayed on our store. This price is for the digital copy. You can order a physical print copy of the magazine while supplies last. Some residents of Toronto are able to get our print magazine as a gift when we place them in health food stores. For everyone else outside of Toronto or our select partners, the standard price will apply.

How can I get the magazine in my health food store, restaurant, clinic, or business?

We’d love to have our magazines everywhere but we print limited quantities and so we place them in the places that best achieve our two goals:

  1. Spread the message of holistic living
  2. Reach a high volume of people

Tell us a bit about your business on our distribution form on the lower section of the site, and we’ll see how we can possibly help out. For anyone outside of Toronto, there may be a small fee to help offset the shipping costs of the print magazine. We normally consider shipping a minimum of 50 magazines for a venue.

I represent a community festival/rally and would like copies of the magazine to distribute?

We really appreciate your interest in having the magazine as something your patrons could have. We’d love to know more about the event so that we can properly evaluate how we can help you. Please fill in the distribution form and we can start the process. Please no short notice requests. Allow at least 45 days before your event. Also keep in mind when you request and our print cycle. If your event is in March and you tell us in mid February, we may have allocated all our magazines to various other uses. Therefore it is always better to tell us well in advance. Alternatively, you can also recommend the digital magazine to your patrons.

I live outside of Canada, can I order a print magazine?

Thank you for your interest. If you live in the USA, we can mail you a print copy if you order it. If you live outside of the USA, then we don’t normally ship print copies to the general population.

There is an exception. If you are an alum of Hippocrates Health Institute then we can figure out a way to accommodate your request. Use the contact form to give us the details of your time at Hippocrates, your current life, and the best time to call you to discuss how we can assist and support you. We may verify your details with Hippocrates.

I Ordered A Back Issue, Can I Get It In Print?

Thank you for your order and support. Unfortunately, due to our limited print run, we only have limited print copies of back issues available for sale.

Of course, the situation may vary. For example, if the back issue was just the most recent issue gone, then we may still have a few copies on hand. If the back issue was from more than 6 months ago, then most likely it is not available in print format.

To ensure you get the print issue when it is out, you can always get a digital plus subscription. We will mail you the latest print issue with your digital plus subscription. Check it out at >> http://www.eternitywatchmagazine.com/subscribe/

General (3)

What are your business hours to speak to someone?

There are no human’s here… (just kidding!) We’re part-time here and so our
hours of operation are Monday to Wednesday, 9:30 AM to 1:30 PM EST.
That’s when you have the highest chance of reaching us. We may return your
call at anytime outside of those hours.

Are only vegans or raw vegans part of the magazine team?

No. The path to conscious eating is a journey not a destination and some of our friends and supporters (who make up our team) are just beginning, far along, or just curious and enthusiastic. We love and respect their freedom of choice as they continue to learn and grow to their own awareness.  And as long as they are supportive of the mission of the magazine, then we can work together.

We like to think of it like the civil rights movement. There were blacks and whites marching together in solidarity. So even if a person is not vegan or raw-vegan, but they want to support the magazine and our mission, we appreciate their support. We just ask that they don’t bring any animal products to events we’re at. 🙂

Can I help spread the movement?

Yes, we’d love your help. Here are a few ways to help:

  • One way to help is to LIKE our fanpage on facebook and encourage your friends to LIKE it as well.
  • Help us connect with local community leaders and influencers who believe in the movement.
  • Get on our readership list.
  • Volunteer to help us get the magazine out, talk to people at events, or be our eyes and ears on the ground.

Technical (1)

Where can I find my products page?

In the top menu, you will see a menu item called ‘MY ACCOUNT.’  When you put your mouse on that a sub menu will appear. The first item there is your MyProducts page.  If you are reading the site from a mobile device, you should see the menu as a dropdown to select an option.

Note: You need to be logged into the system in order to see your products.

Writing For US (1)

I’m a professional writer/journalist with x years of experience. I’d love to write for you but where is your payment schedule?

Firstly, thank you for having us in your thoughts. And thank you for your expression of love in the desire to write for us.  All of our writers contribute the articles we publisher because of their own desire to spread the message connected with health, vitality, veganism, and the living-food lifestyle movement. No writers are paid for their pieces. They all have other means of earning income and this is to promote their passion.  They may be doctors, nurses, ND, entrepreneurs, activists, working folks, or other professionals with jobs already.

If writing articles is your primary source of earning income to eat and pay your bills, then submitting an article to us may not be your best choice at his juncture because we are unable to provide you with monetary remuneration for your writing. If you are already writing professionally but really feel strongly about holistic health, veganism or living foods and want to contribute an article, we won’t dismiss you either.  We can be an outlet for you to express those points if we are a good fit.

Now as a professional writer, you may say, well if I write something for “no-charge” then it devalues me.  That’s the way the conglomerates and multi-nationals want you to think because it stifles true and sincere giving. It makes one less inclined to give because they don’t want others to think less of them. Giving never devalues the giver, ever.

Peace, love, and gratitude.