eCigarette Vapour Pose Risk for Kids

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The US Surgeon Genral has concluded that the vapour from e-cigarettes may expose children to nicotine and other harmful chemicals. Yet, a new study finds that one in three adults who use e-cigarettes are unsure if vaping (smoking) around children is dangerous to them.

What is an e-cigarette?

These are battery power gadgets that use a heating element to turn a liquid usually containing nicoine and some flavourings into a vapour which is inhaled by the user.  Instead of calling it smoking , the activity is now called vaping since technically there is no smoke involved in this process of inhaling the vapour from the device.

The Issue Here

Big U.S. tobacco companies are developing e-cigarettes as less toxic than conventional smoking. And while it may be true that a host of unhealthy chemicals are eliminated from not burning tobacco leaves, the e-cigarette vapour is only less harmful not 100% safe. They still release chemicals that aren’t normally in the air and the long-term health effects of the ingredients and flavorings in e-cigarettes are unclear.

Oral Health Issue

Nicotine we know is an addictive substance that cause many smokers to struggle when trying to break that addiction. And this is an addictive habit you start by placing the device to your mouth. At EternityWatch Magazine, we would warn folks not to take up smoking or vaping in the first place. If someone does find themselves trapped in the addiction then it is best to seek professional help and guidance in beating the addiction. And don't use the device around children. Treat it as if it were secondhand smoke. Keep children away from it.

Our upcoming Summer 2017 issue of the magazine is focused on ORAL Health so it is timely that this topic is coming up now. Look for it in early July.

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Jenny Berkeley, RN, Health Educator (91 Posts)

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