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Women’s Health Under Attack

By Dr Anna-Maria Clement

(Reprint courtesy of Hippocrates Health Institute) Not long ago it was revealed that women’s health is on the far backburner for research money in the conquest of disease. Our global progress in the twenty-first century has fallen short compared to …


Radiant Skin At Any Age

By Cherie Soria

Want the full magazine? Click Here To Grab It. Recently, I met a woman who was curious about my diet. I wasn’t sure why she asked – I thought perhaps it was because, at the age of 69, I am …


The Beautifying Magic of Raw Foods

By Tonya Zavasta

Want the full magazine? Click Here To Grab It. Skincare – it’s been my passion for twenty years. I constantly study, experiment, and develop new skin care tips and practices. Why? I’m chasing what many think impossible: an ageless face …



By Dr. Brian Clement PhD, LN

Over time I couldn’t help myself from questioning the apparent separation of one’s spiritual life and emotional strength. Our compartmental culture breeds specialty and separation. This in and of itself defeats the premise of cultivating emotional and spiritual wherewithal. All …

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