Ask UTMC to Stop Using Live Animals for Medical Training

(EternityWatch) Last month, Dr John Pippin, MD, Director of Academic Affairs at the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine(PCRM) met with top officials from the University of Toledo Medical Center (UTMC) to discuss their continued use of live animals to train emergency medicine residents and other first responders. Pippin presented overwhelming evidence in support of human-based training methods. These methods are currently in use by 90 percent of surveyed Emergency Medical programs and 99 percent of paramedic training programs. However Pippin notes that it became clean that UTMC administration will not allow the prevailing standard to stop using live animals.

What's the issue

125 Pigs Killed Each Year

At UTMC, residents are instructed to make incision into the throat of a live pig and insert a breathing tube, insert needles into the chest and bones, and split open the breastbone in order to access the heart. Animals still alive at the end of the procedure are killed. The university kills about 125 pigs per year according to PCRM.

Better Alternatives

Human-based medical simulation, cadavers , and task trainers are modern non-animal methods of training already in use by 90 percent of surveyed emergency medical residency programs (145 of 162). UTMC already has a $36 million start-of-the-art simulation centre that could be used to provided the resources to replace the use of animals.

90 %
Non-Animal Methods

Take Action

Dr Pippin and The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine are asking for your help to apply public pressure on the UTMC to reconsider their decision and instead decide to eliminate all live animals from its medical and first responders training programs.

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