Are you keeping your liver and gallbladder happy?


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​Your body is a wonderful natural machine if treated correctly. In our modern society, we are surrounded by toxins. While our bodies are designed to naturally remove toxins in order to keep us healthy, we are not always able to due to our stressed out and overworked lifestyle. In this article, you will learn about your liver and gallbladder and do a simple self test to give you an idea of your lifestyle.

We live in a society where we are surrounded by toxins. Our bodies are designed to naturally remove toxins in order to keep us healthy. However, it is not unusual that a stressed and unhealthy lifestyle, eating on the run or overexposure to environmental toxins will lead to our detoxification ability to be compromised and therefore decrease our ability to get rid of toxins.

Our liver performs over 500 functions and is considered the main organ of detoxification since all the blood gets filtered through it. The liver takes toxins, chemicals or excess hormones through a 2-phase detoxification reaction. It is also the organ in charge of producing and secreting bile which then gets stored in the gallbladder. Bile serves as a carrier to effectively eliminate toxic substances from our body. 


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