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In February 2017, I got an email from Natural News editor Mike Adams, the Health Ranger. In his email, he announced to the world that Google had blacklisted his site with over 140,000 pages of content. Mike told us that Google was unwilling to provide any substantial proof of alleged wrong-doing. Mike stated that he believed he was being targeted by Google for his open support of Donald Trump, his anti-vaccine stance, and other controversial views.

Here’s an excerpt from his email on February 23, 2017:

The assault is on… I am being silenced by Google because of the content of my speech, and as you’ll hear in today’s emergency interview with Dave Hodges, he believes there are CIA elements at work to take out anyone who threatens the deep state status quo.

Today I’ve posted an emergency broadcast interview with Hodges, which reveals the shocking details of why and how the deep state is silencing the most prominent pro-Trump voices as a prelude to an overthrow attempt that will be staged against Trump.

“Civil war” doesn’t even begin to describe what’s actually happening. It’s a criminal coup being waged in cooperation with the pro-fascist corporations like Google which are now running the censorship of speech to silence “unwanted” voices.

As you can tell from the tone above, Mike is very forceful in his speech. And Mike Adams will fight back tooth and nail. In fact, he launched a campaign to shame Google executives, into reversing its decision and reindexing all 140,000 pages of his Natural News website. Mike started a petition, and repeatedly emailed his mailing list of over 1 million natural news subscribers in order to gain momentum.

Below is an except from his email on the 5th day of the standoff:

As the blasklisting of Natural News continues into its 5th day, Google is now refusing to provide any evidence to justify the blacklisting of Natural News. Instead, Google asserts we’ve done something wrong in maybe just a tiny number of pages somewhere on the site, but they won’t tell us what that is (or how to find it). With this outright censorship of Natural News, Google has truly become a totalitarian techno-tyrant.

Mike was successful and Google reinstated his website in their search platform.

However, this raises a key business case scenario for the hundreds or thousands of small businesses in the health and wellness field. It is also important for us as a small print and digital magazine in Toronto.

Here are some key points:
1) Relying on Google is Bad Business: Mike Adams went from high visibility on Google to does not exist. If you searched Google for his site during the standoff days, you would not find his site anywhere. Thus Google was able to “kill” his traffic from them with the click of a button. The lesson here for small businesses is to build your business without placing Google as the keystone in your business model.

2) Without Resources, The Big Guy Will Win: Mike Adams and Google was like the David verses Goliath story. Here was Mike standing up to the taunts and censorship of Google. But Mike had a mailing list of over 1 million subscribers. Imagine if he had no mailing list or just a few thousand. He would have been dead in the water. *Poof* No website traffic. The lesson here is that you need to have people on your email list who are your fans and supporters. **** Join EternityWatch’s Mailing list below if you support what we do. ****

3) Support Your Local Magazine: Here’s the truth. We exist because of the support of our advertisers who support the message and the work we do. We don’t get government funding. We don’t have huge cash reserves. We give away the print magazine in Toronto and the GTA so the few online sales we get only help “keep the lights on” so to speak. When other small businesses don’t advertise with us especially when our magazine’s plant-based message is aligned with their business… well, that’s not nice. Natural News got big because of the ad revenue from his site, and he doesn’t know your local business in Toronto, or Oshawa, or Bowmanville, or Newmarket. In a world where the large corporations like the Google, the Monsanto, and the likes control mainstream media with their ad spending, we need support on our side as well.

At EternityWatch you can call us old fashioned, but we still like the ability to hold a physical piece of paper in our hands when each issue of the magazine comes out. It’s a timeless classic. It’s what we grew up with. I remember reading the newspapers as a boy. I remember looking at magazines and feeling the texture of the paper. You miss that experience by going purely digital. Plus, paper is Google proof. Our readers love the print version of the magazine. It is a blessing for us to continue to reach our 120,000+ readers each quarter. And we are always filled with a sense of love and gratitude.

Ultimately this issue with Google and Natural News should be a wake-up call for everyone in the holistic health and wellness field. Every Naturopath, every essential oil sales person, every holistic health healer, everyone who is involved in a holistic natural approach to health and wellness needs to sit up and take notice. This event was the pebble tossed into the water to see what would happen. Would your business or your favourite business survive a Google slap?

Remember… United we stand, divided we fall.

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Vaughn Berkeley, MBA (43 Posts)

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