Alcohol Drinking Worsens Brain Function

At EternityWatch Magazine, it is no secret that we promote a health and wellness approach that looks at the entire human being as a whole person.  It shoould come as no great surprise when we say we don't support the use of alcohol for drinking at all.

Why Not Consume In Moderation?

For decades ordinary people have been led to believe that drinking alcohol in moderation is safe and okay, and even socially acceptable. But just look at the outcome of alcohol usage. Marriages are destroyed. Women are assaulted or violated. Children suffer from broken homes or abusive homes. Pregant mothers who drink submit their unborn children to this toxic substance with life-long consequences.  Finally the science has caught up to what people know: alcohol is bad for you.

Drinking even moderate amounts of alcohol is linked to changes in brain structure and an increased risk of worsening brain function, scientists say. In a 30-year study that looked at the brains of 550 middle-aged heavy drinkers, moderate drinkers and teetotallers, the researchers found people drank more alcohol had a greater risk of hippocampal atrophy — a form of brain damage that affects memory and spatial navigation. (Via )

Your Brain Affects Your Life

Knowing that drinking affects your health, your mind, body, and even your soul, why do people persist in the use of alcohol? I believe it is two reasons. First, it is a socialized habit. Young people see their parents "socially drinking" alcohol without the immediate effects and so get the impression that drinking is okay.  And as they grow older, they begin to become drinkers. The second reason is the lack of conscience and greed of all those involved in the production, sales, and regulation of alcohol. Selling alcohol is making a profit off the weakness of another. Plus all the diseases, accidents, and now mental health and brain damage issues that result from years of alcohol consumption must be blamed on those responsible. Our medical system, our court system, and other systems own the alcohol industry a huge bill to be paid. When alcohol affects your brain health in the long term, you need to address it by abstaining from alcohol consumption.

How To Health Your Life After Alcohol

What can you do if you decided to give up the alcohol for the rest of your life? Firstly, congrats on making a great decision for your mind, body, and soul. Next, you need to detox any alcohol in your system that may be embedded in fat cells, tissues, or organs. This is a long term process. As your old cells which were poisoned with alcohol die and new healthy cells take their place, your body will regenerate in time. However if you suffered long term damages to your system, you may still have to live with that unfortunate outcome. Make a personal pledge to move forward without alcohol.

Peace, love, and gratitude. ~ J.

Jenny Berkeley, RN, Health Educator (91 Posts)

Jenny Berkeley is a nurse of over 25 years, a certified holistic nutritionist, a health educator, a bestselling author of 5 books in the Holistic Health Nurse Series, and a raw food chef. Her career has seen her work both locally in Canada and Internationally. Her knowledge of allopathic medicine and alternative enables her to understand holistically how the body works and heals. She’s been on TV, Radio, and even met the prime minister of Trinidad and Tobago. She educates her clients in the knowledge of their own body and their role in keeping themselves well. Her belief, “Good health is your birthright. Keeping it is your choice.”