A Life Lesson and Testimonial To Touch Your Heart

To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them. ~ Isaiah 8:20

A testimonial is a powerful thing. In fact, marketers have known the power of a strong testimonial for decades and have applied them to create marketing advertising campaigns that are very successful. In this article, I’ll share with you why testimonials are important and why you should be sure to include them in your blogs, websites, and business plus I’ll share one testimonial near and dear to my heart from Kyna.

Humans can claim that they invested the testimonial but in actuality it was invented by God and copied by humans. Just look at the beauty of a flower, the vast symmetry of the solar system, or the seemingly impossible flight of a bumble bee. All of creation testifies of the creator. If one never opened a copy of the holy scriptures, there is substantial content all around creation so that one can remain in awe throughout their lifetime.

Why do we like testimonials? The reason we love testimonials is because it decreases the uncertainty in our minds about a particular product or service. It lets us know that someone has gone before us, tested the thing in question, and found it safe for our consumption. Thus the testimonial makes people feel at ease when buying. This is about 90% of the population that reacts that way to testimonials. Do you remember a time when doctors recommended Camel cigarettes as their top choice for patients? That’s a medical testimonial.

However the other 10% consists of the trail blazers. Those are the pioneers. They are the folks who walk the path first so they have no one to give a testimonial. They are the ones who will give a testimonial. You see them as the early adopters of technology. They buy it immediately to play with it, to explore, to find out the good, the bad, the ugly about the product or service.

With EternityWatch Magazine, we wanted to reach people with a message of good health via a vegan and raw-vegan diet plus help a person take a look at their entire life. We are a whole life magazine with a focus on plant-based diet and lifestyle. When we started doing it 8 years ago, we were the pioneers in the Toronto region. Sure, other magazines had mentioned the diets as “popular fads” from time to time but those magazines still promoted meats, or eggs, or dairy during their regular issues. At EternityWatch, we’ve been 100% plant-based from day 1 and continue that. It’s not a fad for us, it’s a way of life. And each issue we continue to testify of that.

And over our 8 years, we touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of readers. Yet, it is the simple unsolicited testimonial that really tugs at our heart strings and fills us with love and gratitude for the work we do. For example, below is a testimonial from Kyna Bryn. She’s had a really difficult life and wrote about it in her book, Broken Not Shattered. It’s a fictional book based on her life story. Now, the reason I mention Kyna is because she posted this video on her facebook about her relationship with her grandmother. And in the middle of the video, you’ll hear her testimonial about how EternityWatch Magazine was a catalyst in a special moment.

Now Kyna didn’t mention us by name but if you see her facebook timeline, you’ll see her promoting EternityWatch as the magazine she was featured in. So a marketer would not rate her testimonial as the best testimonial, however, we are in this to change people’s lives, to bring love and light into the world. For us at EternityWatch Magazine, that’s more than enough to warm our hearts and know that we’re on the right path. Jenny, my partner, cried as she watched Kyna’s video because it touched her heart. She felt joy knowing we are a part of an epic moment in Kyna’s life.

Kyna also shares an important lesson about not judging a person based on how they look on the outside. A person’s inner scars don’t show and sometimes what a person with a rough exterior needs is some love and understanding. A testimonial speaks to the love and gratitude a person might experience if they take a chance on you. Yes, love is at the heart of a great testimonial. And Kyna’s message is about love.

Until next time, continue to learn and grow. ~ V.

Vaughn Berkeley, MBA (43 Posts)

Vaughn Berkeley, BComm, MBA, is an author and consultant in field of micro-businesses. His passion is micro-finance, micro-enterprise and personal empowerment. He helps micro-enterprise owners develop strategies to empower their business using technologies available via blogging, website development and social media networks like facebook and twitter. His beliefs include that a cruelty free world is possible via a vegan diet and higher spiritual outlook and the ability to grow your own food is a divine right. Vaughn also serves as co-publisher of EternityWatch Magazine.