A Holistic View of Women’s Health

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It is a fact of modern life that as women, we work harder than men in most cases. As a modern working woman it is important that you focus on maintaining your health. In this article I’ll speak to you on the health considerations you need to have as a modern working woman in today’s society.

The Burden On Women

in our modern culture, women have the burden of trying to be super successful in the workplace as well as coming home to be super moms and wives at home. This is not a healthy long-term arrangement for any woman. Women have a spiritual side, an emotional side, a mental side,  and a physical side. All these sides must be maintained in a healthy manner in order to create holistic health and wellness in the female body.

Women’s Brains Are Overworked

We women can manage an enormous amount of tasks with our brain. In fact, any woman can relate to being on the job and during her lunch break planning dinner for the family or an upcoming event for her child. Our brains are wired to go nonstop. This is a blessing and a curse. We’re often five steps ahead of the men in our lives trying to keep up. What woman hasn’t thought at least once that her man is a little slow? Being five steps ahead means we are prone to be stressed out more than our male counterparts. Sometimes it seems the speed at which our brains process data amplifies our stress levels. Here lies the danger for us women. This stress can lead to headaches, hypertension, anger, frustration, and even decrease our immune system. It is something very real that women everywhere can relate to and men cannot really understand.

Workplaces Designed For Men

The work environment seems inherently designed for males. Women thus have to blend into the environment in order to try to advance their careers. We are the ones dealing with various degrees of complexities while managing bodies that have far greater needs than a male body has. Yes, we have a female washroom and in some cases a baby change table, but what a workplace needs is a space where a woman can take a 10 to 15 minute nap. Consider a pregnant woman who performs the same duties while being six, seven or eight months pregnant. It’s not just one person on the job, it’s two. In a male-dominated workplace, the thought of this essential and compassionate benefit for women has not yet manifested. Consider  a new mother back in the workplace whose breasts may still be lactating. Where does she go in order to pump her breasts so that she might have some precious milk for her child at home with a caretaker? Women are such a powerful resource in the workplace that it is about time that these considerations be taken seriously and workplaces reflect the needs of modern women.

Homes Are Busy Too

When you get home you find that the home life has a tremendous amount of work still to be done. There are tasks like preparing dinner or preparing the children’s lunch for the next day. There are tasks like cleaning up the house. There are tasks like shopping for groceries. All of these extra tasks simply add to the stress in the lives of modern-day women. Just reading this article might make some women feel stressed out already because for them it is a very real day-to-day experience.

How To Create Work And Home Life Balance

How can the modern working woman who is a wife and mother find the Holy Grail of work and home-life balance? For some women it may be easier than for others because it involves utilizing the resources we women already have around us. Those resources are our spouse and children.

Tip #1: Delegate House Responsibilities

As a woman who is accustomed to getting things done, sometimes I struggle with delegating work. However my husband has been helpful in helping me see the value of this over our many years of marriage. Children should be given age-appropriate responsibilities around the home which would otherwise be performed by the woman. A four-year-old can take a dust pan and the hand broom and sweep up little bits of dust on the floor and throw it in the bin. Children five years and older can be taught to pick up their dirty clothes off the floor and place them in the laundry basket for washing. They can also be taught to fold and pack away their clothes  once they’ve  been washed. These simple responsibilities help ease the burden of the housework while giving the children useful skills for life in their later years. Husbands must also help out with responsibilities around the home. I can tell you it makes a real difference around the home and it is something that every woman should endeavor to teach her children.

Tip #2: Slow Down Your Brain

Our brains are wired to process information quickly and to process lots of it. Yet if we want to have true balance in our lives, we as women must learn how to slow down our mental processes from time to time. We must learn how to relax and unwind. Give yourself a minimum of 30 minutes every day to allow yourself the freedom not to worry about anything. Make it quiet time. Use the time to meditate. Use it to pray and speak to your God. But don’t worry about any of the other tasks and responsibilities of this life. It’s only 30 minutes and that time goes by really fast. In my book,  99 Health Quotes to Empower Your Life, I lay out a 90-day plan to help you, using the quotes as a mental guide on your journey. It’s powerful stuff when you begin to practice it.

Tip #3: Eat A High Rawfood Diet

You are what you eat. For over 8 years now, you have read about the importance of diet in my articles in the magazine. I am as certain today as I was more than a decade ago that we need to focus on our diet as a core component of our health and wellness. A diet that is comprised of 70% living raw-vegan foods is one that will benefit you. You will see tremendous benefits in your alertness as many have, at times of feeling like a fog is lifted off their brains. You will lose the excess weight as your body finds the right weight for itself. You will begin working on your health and vitality from the inside out. As a woman, a mother, a caregiver, and someone who helps guide our society, you owe it to yourself to give yourself the very best diet that will promote your health and vitality.

Key Takeaway

The three tips I gave you are the three pillars that help you establish good health. There are more pillars I discuss in my other books. A good starting point is Eating4Eternity: Unlock your Holistic Health Lifestyle. I want you to try the tips I mentioned in this article. It’s important to prevent you from burnout and breakdown. When you get more balance in your home life, and your diet, you will see it flow in your work life as well. Keep at it until you succeed. You are important. Peace, love, and gratitude. ~J

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Jenny Berkeley, RN, Health Educator (91 Posts)

Jenny Berkeley is a nurse of over 25 years, a certified holistic nutritionist, a health educator, a bestselling author of 5 books in the Holistic Health Nurse Series, and a raw food chef. Her career has seen her work both locally in Canada and Internationally. Her knowledge of allopathic medicine and alternative enables her to understand holistically how the body works and heals. She’s been on TV, Radio, and even met the prime minister of Trinidad and Tobago. She educates her clients in the knowledge of their own body and their role in keeping themselves well. Her belief, “Good health is your birthright. Keeping it is your choice.”